I haven’t been on here for a little while so I thought I would write a little update of what was going on and what is happening.

The clearing wasn’t as successful as I was anticipating. I found out I have multiple spirits living in our home, some, two to be exact, decided to move on and leave while the others decided to stay. They don’t make their presents known too much as they used to but there are nights where I can sense them and hear them. For example last night I was laying in bed watching tv with my daughter and the toilet seat just decided to slam out of no where. And they sure enjoy my daughter’s baby monitor, they like to go in her room while it is on and clank against things in her room. I still see figures every once and awhile moving across the screen too. I haven’t meditated in this house as I don’t know what would happen. So I choose to do it while I am at Yoga class, or at The Cameron Ranch, where I feel more safe.

I have also been trying to draw from my Deck of Archangel cards some days, I would have to say that a majority of the time the cards are dead on and something ends up happening after I draw them. I have also been crazy busy taking photos. I really have taken off with my photography and I am hoping that someday soon someone will want to purchase one or a few of my photos. I have also found a company that does great canvas art so I am awaiting my second order that is of this wonderful photo I took off of HWY30 just west of The Dalles.

I am so excited to see how it turns out and looks on canvas. I have been leaning more towards Landscape photography because no one other than my best friend has asked me to take photos of them. Also I am still awaiting the first home I will be able to take photos of as my real estate friend hasn’t listed a home yet this year. I took some amazing photos the other day, this one is my all time favorite so far, when it comes to snow.

It is my breath and the snow falling, I thought it came out neat. I was so excited to look outside around 10pm and see the snow falling. I just wish Mother Nature would actually have the snow fall in Winter and not Spring, as this was the second day of Spring. Oh well it was nice while it lasted, love how peaceful snow makes it outside.

If anyone has a suggestion for a new book I should read please let me know, I am going to finish up the last of First You Sigh and then I want to find another to read.



I had my friend and mentor Tamara over today to do a Clearing along with Jodi one of our other mutual friends. Before they came over this afternoon I prayed for the guardian angels and archangels to come in and help the spirit(s) let go and move one from our home. After I was done asking this something spoke to me and said that they didn’t want to leave, they wanted to stay here.

When Tamara and Jodi got here they felt a lot of resistance in the kitchen, Kailynn’s room, my closet area felt like a portal area and the garage area. I felt great heaviness in Kailynn’s room and have always felt weird things in the garage but not the other places. So once Tamara started burning the sage she felt it run away and hide like it didn’t want to leave it just wanted to make us chase it. It wanted to play games as Tamara said. It hid in Kailynn’s closet. Tamara used sage throughout the house and the garage letting it know that it could let go and join its family and to follow the light. The whole time my daughter Kailynn followed us through the house as we did this, along with the dog. Kailynn said hi to it as we walked from room to room because it was following us. We ended up in her room where we sat in a semi circle and asked for love and protection from Archangel Michael, we also let them know that it was ok to let go and to go now and be with their family and ancestors. Kailynn said good bye to it as it left the room and the house. The house feels more like a home now and not so heavy anymore. It feels calm and peaceful.

I am happy to have experienced this and am glad that my daughter will sleep better at night!

Great Last Couple of Days

I feel that I am on the right path. The path that they have guided me too! I just feel so enthralled and invigorated! I have been taking lots of great photos the past few days and also learning my camera by reading Cannon EOS Rebel T2i/550D: From Snapshots to Great Shots!

At the end of each chapter there are certain homework things you have to do with your camera. I just have to say reading this book and doing the homework I have learned a lot about my camera and am still learning. So far I am on Chapter 4. I can’t wait to see what the end work I turn out is going to look like.

It has been snowing like crazy in the area for a few days, today is straight rain here like yesterday, but up where my parents and other family members live it has been an ice storm and many trees and such have fallen because of the ice and of course they have no power. Been praying a lot for their safety.

I drew the best Tarot card for me yesterday:

In the book that comes with the cards it says that it takes time for a seedling to grow so I just need to be patient and not get frustrated that things are not happening faster. Which is my downfall a lot. I get so wrapped up into something and forget that not everything happens over night and things take time to manifest. It feels as though things are falling into place for me.

Tarot Cards!

I bought my first set of Tarot cards the other day! They are Archangel Oracle Cards made by Doreen Virtue, PH.D. They have been wonderful. I have used them for about three to four days and everyday the card I draw is the message I have felt in my heart that the Angels and Entities around me have been trying to convey to me!

I have to share about the other night when I was doubting about my new found direction into photography, I decided to ask if this is what I was meant to do or if I was wrong and reading the signs wrong, and this is the card I drew:


Brilliant Idea Card Drawn!


For me everyday is a new day and a new message they are sending to me through these wonderful cards! I also use Angel Therapy Healing Messages for Every Area of Your Life, which is a book by Doreen Virtue, everyday you just flip the book open and it falls upon the page that the Angels think you need to look at for that day. I use these as my little messages of things I need to improve on in my life or things that are working well in my life! I have found a few books and tools to be useful these are just two out of a few others I will talk about in later posts!

Life is Crazy!!!

I know it has been awhile since I wrote a post, so here is a recap of what all has been going on in my life since I last posted:

The house we were renting got foreclosed on so we had to find another house to live in, and this was ASAP move, we found a new house and moved in literally the day before the Auction was to take place.

The holidays where crazy! Tom’s family was much more manageable this year for me than in previous years so I think meditation and asking for love, peace, protection, and guidance is helping me to establish my feelings away from everyone Else’s feelings. And my Boji Stones are my number one tool in this! Without their protection I think I will still feel completely overwhelmed with emotions that were not my own.

My Best Friend Cameron from childhood asked me to photograph his wedding, which I was taken aback because no one had ever asked me to take pictures at their event before. He really liked the pictures I have been taking and posting on Facebook. I said I would love too! So that was about two weeks notice for that.

Well as I was getting ready to shoot for his wedding I was practicing and taking all kinds of shots. My parents came down to visit us two weekends before the big event. My parent’s bought my daughter a tent and my dad was putting it up and Kailynn was being so cute I just had to take her picture, I got the camera off of its normal perch and tried to turn the mode knob back to Auto from video, the knob moved but the settings weren’t changing on the camera. All I could think about was that I had a wedding to shoot in less than two weeks and couldn’t have a broken camera! I pushed really hard on the knob and got it to turn and took a few pictures. I then decided I needed to do some more research because I was going to need a new camera.

Found the camera I really wanted and went and got it…bought a Cannon T2i and had about a week to play around with it and figure out some shooting techniques before the big day!

Here are a couple photos from the exciting day!

Cameron and Rachel Davis

Bouquet for the Cake Table

The Wedding Cake

So now I am being led in a different direction, on my next post I will go into more detail. There have been some signs that not even I can ignore. God is directing me down a new path and I am more than willing to listen to him and try as hard as I can to make it successful! God Bless until next time!

Started a New Book

I started a new book today, First You Sigh, so we will see how this one goes. So far it is an excellent read I can’t wait to get to the part where she actually starts talking about Meditation!

Went for Some Hikes This Weekend

We went for some hikes this weekend with my parents! The wildflowers were gorgeous up at Chinook Pass. We walked our normal loop hike and the flowers, and butterflies were awesome! I am going to attach a couple of pictures to share.













We also went up to Mt. Rainier National Park for the Free day! The flowers up there were more sparse but I also got some awesome pictures of waterfalls and of more butterflies!